direct-in system access

   See remote access.

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  • Direct Inward System Access — (DISA) ist eine Funktion innerhalb von Telekommunikationssystemen, die es ermöglicht von außerhalb derart auf eine Telefonanlage zuzugreifen, dass der anrufende Anschluss als Teil der angerufenen Telekommunikationstruktur erscheint. So kann… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • direct access — noun (computing) The ability to access data in a storage and retrieval system directly without having to scan any part of the storage file first (also random access) • • • Main Entry: ↑direct * * * diˌrect ˈaccess [direct access] noun …   Useful english dictionary

  • Access method — An access method is a function of a mainframe operating system that enables access to data on disk, tape or other external devices. They were introduced in 1963 in IBM OS/360 operating system. [… …   Wikipedia

  • Access network — An access network is that part of a telecommunications network which connects subscribers to their immediate service provider. It is contrasted with the core network, (for example the Network Switching Subsystem in GSM) which connects local… …   Wikipedia

  • Access (TV channel) — This article is about the television channel in Alberta. For the American infomercial channel, please see Access Television Network. Infobox Broadcast call letters = CJAL TV / CIAN TV city = station station slogan = The Education Station… …   Wikipedia

  • Direct memory access — (DMA) is a feature of modern computers that allows certain hardware subsystems within the computer to access system memory independently of the central processing unit (CPU). Without DMA, the CPU using programmed input/output is typically fully… …   Wikipedia

  • Direct access trading — is a technology which allows stock traders to trade directly with market makers or specialists, rather than trading through stock brokers.[1] Direct access trading systems use front end trading software and high speed computer links to stock… …   Wikipedia

  • Direct Graphics Access — is a plug in for the X Window System that allows client programs direct access to the frame buffer. Graphics hardware communicates via a chunk of memory called a frame buffer. This is an array of values that represent pixel color values on the… …   Wikipedia

  • Direct Programming Interface — (DPI) is an interface which we use to interface System Verilog with foreign languages. These Foreign languages can be a C, C++, System C as well as others. DPI s consists of two layers: A System Verilog Layer and a Foreign language layer. Both… …   Wikipedia

  • Direct distance dialing — (DDD) or direct dial is a telecommunications term for a network provided service feature in which a call originator may, without operator assistance, call any other user outside the local calling area. DDD requires more digits in the number… …   Wikipedia

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